standard hookpin




Standard Hook Pins are available in the following


Raw - Material :

PP, and Nylon

Sizes [in mm]

PP :25, 35, 50,

Nylon : 25, 35, 50

[Note: Any odd sizes can also be customized in PP from 25mm to 75mm and in Nylon from 25mm to 50mm ]

Packing Details : 50 pins per strip \\ 5000 pins per box \\ 10 boxes per carton

Recommended Usage : For articles which can be tagged using a tag gun, where in the light

weight article requires to be hung for display. Examples- gift articles, Socks, Stuffed toys etc.

or where tags need to be easily replacable


Standard Hook Pin can be used with any standard Tag Gun or free pitch Standard Tag gun. We, however, recommend it to be used with either Arrow 9S, Arrow 9L, Arrow 9EL, Arrow 9SB[SA] Tagstar SA or Tagstar SB Tag Guns.

Standard tag gun Popular tag gun

Arrow 9S

  longer needle tag gun

Arrow 9L

  Extra longer needle taggun

Arrow 9EL


Tagstar SA

  Free pitch standard taggun

Arrow 9SB