Standarddouble pin, V pin




Standard double Tag Pins are pierced through a 1.8mm / 2.0mm / 2.2mm dia. needle of the tag gun, into the fabric. They are available in the following:

Raw - Material :

PP, and Nylon[ Recommended ]

Sizes [in mm]

PP : 35, 50, and 65

Nylon : 25, 35, 50, and 65

Packing Details : 50 pins per strip [25 pairs per strip ]\\ 5000 pins per box [2500pairs per boxes20 boxes per carton]


Recommended Usage :For articles which can be tagged using a tag gun, wherein one label

require to be attached to two or more articles. example a pair of textile articles, pants, shirts

skirts, dress materials, towels, etc


Standard Double Pin can be used with any standard Tag Gun or free pitch Standard Tag gun. We, however, recommend it to be used with either Arrow 9S, Arrow 9L, Arrow 9EL, Arrow 9SA, Arrow 9SB ,Tagstar SA or Tagstar SB Tag Guns.

Arrow 9SB


Arrow 9EL

  Longer needle taggun

Arrow 9L

  Standard taggun, Popular taggun

Arrow 9S

  Free pitch standard taggun

Tagstar SB